In these modern days, where technology allows us to connect with each other even if we are at tens of thousands miles away, where we work within teams spread around the world to deliver products and/or services to clients that we never met, we adapted our lives to this environment and began working from home.

Many companies, from small companies to Top Fortune 500 companies have turned this way of work to a win-win situation. Employees prefer this way of working for all the obvious benefits: less time spent in the morning pre-work, less time spent in traffic that can be replaced with more time with dear ones, saving money on gas or transport, flexible working hours, avoiding the contact with that annoying colleague and therefore reducing stress, and the list can go on. Businesses can also benefit by leverage employees satisfaction, build trust and invest less in micromanagement, saving costs on rent and utilities, as well as increase productivity, and of course the list can go on.


Then the question arises: is work from home for everyone? Beware of not getting distracted by that new series, though – GOT is over, but who knows what’s coming up next-, you need to stay focused and also have  a good time management approach, as well as be able & like to work with little supervision – many individuals just need that manager’s eyes over the shoulder and that’s ok too 😊. Don’t forget concentrating on the result and its quality.


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